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  Poster - Captain Blood 1935

Captain Blood - 1935

It was Jack Warner who had the foresight or the hunch to cast Olivia and me in the film, He had the guts to take a complete unknown and put me in the lead of a big production. That took real financial foresight. Only Jack Warner's faith in me set off my career.



Poster - The Prince and the Pauper 1937

The Prince & The Pauper - 1937

I am the epitome of the twentieth century Cosmopolitanism but I should have been born an explorer in the time of Magellan.



Poster - Four's A Crowd 1938

Four's A Crowd - 1938

It was while making this comedy that I became labeled a swashbuckler.



Poster - The Dawn Patrol 1938

The Dawn Patrol - 1938

All I know is this: This is a different world than it was before the cinema. Before that time I would have stayed forever a bum: and the people who are now deposed monarchs and ex-kings and ex-princesses, they are often bums today, and I have been living the kingly life.



Poster - The Sisters 1938

The Sisters - 1938

I despise mediocrity above all things. I fear it, yet I know some of my performances have been mediocre. I also know that I have turned in half a dozen good performances. I call myself a bum; but I have been working hard most of the days of my adult life.



Poster - The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938

The Adventures of Robin Hood - 1938

My dream of happiness: A quiet spot by the Jamaican seashore looking out at the activity in the ocean, hearing the wind sob with the beauty and the tragedy of everything. Looking out over nine miles of ocean, hearing some happy laughter near-by. Sitting under an almond tree, with the leaf spread over me like an umbrella.



Poster - The Sea Hawk 1940

The Sea Hawk - 1940

I despise mediocrity above all things. I fear it, yet I know some of my performances have been mediocre. I also know that I have turned in half a dozen good performances. I call myself a bum; but I have been working hard most of the days of my adult life.



Poster - Gentleman Jim 1942

Gentleman Jim - 1942

Any notion that a woman's mind is nobler, purer, higher, more decent cleaner or anything else gentler or superior to a man is pure delusion.



Poster - Uncertain Glory 1944

Uncertain Glory - 1944

What would I be like at seventy? At seventy I confidently hope I will have had at least eight more wives, have grown a stomach that I can regard with respect and can still walk up the stairs to the bedroom without aching or groaning.



Poster - Escape Me Never 1947

Escape Me Never - 1947

While at a very famous restaurant in Beverly Hills one night. Pat O'Brian glanced over from our table  and said "Hey, there's Orson Welles"-- Barrymore absent-mindedly, for it was late in his life now and he was drinking heavily, looked puzzled.  "Orson Wells?" he inquired. "Where's that?" He was under the impression that Orson Welles was some kind of watering place or spa.



Poster - Cry Wolf 1947

Cry Wolf - 1947

I am not denying that westerns are wonderful entertainment. I love to look at them as well as anyone. I just wanted to act. To have a chance to play a character, to say good-bye to the swashbuckler roles, to get swords and horses to hell out of my life. I itched to turn in a prize winning job--but they held to make money; box office, box office ....



Poster -  The Adventures of Don Juan 1948

The Adventures of Don Juan - 1948

Two and a half years after the humiliation of the trial, my principal emotion was that I was hoaxed by life, that I had become something other than what I had set out to be. Now my name was simply associated with sex. I was a male Mae West; as it were. Me, Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn, son of the respectable biologist, student of Darwin, lover of culture -- and nothing that I wanted had happened. Instead I was in a swamp of Errol Flynn jokes, dirty stories and snide innuendoes.



Poster - Silver River 1948

Silver River - 1948

Putting me in cowboy pictures, seemed to me, the most ridiculous miscasting. Dialogue would go like this; "Where you from pardner?" "I happen to come from Ireland but I am as American as you are". In one scene from this film, down I go full speed leaping down this long line of steps; then I am flying, turning in the air, and I land neatly on the back of my favorite horse- except the son of a bitch isn't there.



Poster - That Forsyte Woman 1949

That Forsyte Woman - 1949

Greer got even with me a few days later. There came a time when I had to open a door and say, "Now my dear, shall we alight?" We didn't but I sure as hell did because as I touched the doorknob the electric contact Greer had fixed in the seat of my pants made me go through the air like a witch on a broomstick.



Poster - Against All Flags 1952

Against All Flags - 1952

How did I ever wander so far afield of my youthful ambitions? What would have happened if I had not met the movie man Swartz and taken him up the Sepik River and later played Fletcher Christian in a moving picture made in Polynesia. Would I still be a bum in the land down under? would I have gone on and educated myself and made something of myself in England? What was I doing with a sword in one hand and a garter in the other?



Poster - The Sun Also Rises 1957

The Sun Also Rises - 1957

I wonder if you can imagine what it might mean to be one who believes that, given the chance at good and great roles, he might be able to act, say, like a Barrymore - but never given the chance. Only to be given those sure-fire box office attractions - entertainment pictures that often didn't entertain - action , action, action!